The Person I Aim My NonSelfie Cell Lense At For 30 Min Is Of Interest To Me We Soceity? NO

Not as a tourist from Rumi’s continent

1:00-4:00pm PST

Eye would not need to hit RECORD

If a friend in Idaho hacks my cell or from Iceland- Rejayjayjayjayjayjayjayjuhvicks spuh burb

Tickle tickle

Giggle giggle

Scratch that

I MIGHT aim it but probably not

I think I feel like I am meeting…

Profiling as a Tom Sawyer, here:

An ex victim of sexual abuse- not female

He acts lightly pompous an introverted

Sort of wears sweat pants maybe baggy or no u-wear to work in the para-medical field

“Gregorian- check my appts- are they public access? No”

Accessible nonetheless

I get tired of the predator vibe and getting beaten down by zingers who skulk, handling my Li

Not nice

Says not nice thing


I will pray this muther in like Jericho


See, a commoner is an “assett” in pE energy to nab even a trafficker

He does not fit that profile at all

What is on my (2p – 4p PST appt) Li Rxer’s cell downloadings?

Mine is accessible

Trace my blog inlet or w/e a hacker does

No don’t- I have decent “college girl” picture

Boring to most

What if a snitch is not a snitch?

That there is a lead




A weak one

What if there were 1000s?? ?

People who have something to hide act aberrant around people even more intelligent then themselves

This male, my abuser’s age, acts like there is something more

Who am I?

Rango Rodriguez

I write this because he scares ME

Usually NO ONE does

Maybe he just triggers my HAE each time

Maybe for once I OUGHTA ACT COCKY today

I have caught 2 men, 31 and 67 who hung out at youth group buildings who are clandestinely overly sexual and wanting to joke n share in the arena of minors

What is a third?

Less stressful

No vengence

Max fire for blue flame and got ya by the balls joke(s)

Toke toke

Smoke my father’s cloak smoke

I am flesh on a flash

Beat the crust

For the light you need an E-map


Neighborhood Hell-Oh on a Peter Pan Pixie’s candle wick

Kayak and jutsu separated

Its just one of those days

🍌 fruit fry 🍌

A bad fruit? A good fruit

^ ^ ^ ^

p t s d

V v v V

p t s o

Assistance and co-op

Gloved approach to flip a cockroach

Hard to reap the wheat there

Eyes in skies in e-space w cam x2 on every good apple 🍎 has ultimate potentiality for catching sharks and even whales

My thought

Innocent until proven guilty

I have come across 2 felon or felon types in last 3 years

One was… super bad

Hurt a family member in a pre-med not-a-doctor way

I feel empty every day

So I suit up my innards like Jango Fett







My way was made years ago

Its just





πŸŽƒ happy niffing Noviembre


Da Cray Cray Watchers Do Klub

PAC NW non contact civil arts zenjitsu!

Oh how PRETTY is that zen flower CC tried to erase! Was CC a church bully adult


Heart attack butt ugly, too


#1 got fired and force retired with no scandal

That is ninpo-friendly, to displace a sexual addict with psyche force

I knelt 2 days before I met him and he confessed

He took a swing

He took a swipe

Door out was double locked

2010 police report dissolved

Not a trace

He is gone

I loathe this field

With cruz I can

With cruz I do

With cruz,

Andrew… Little brother 1o 4

Scrappy do

“h8 what is evil… cling to what is good”

– bible NT


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