Shirt Pocket Cam Back O Cell

I see it

You see it?

Someone walks up to you

You think they are recording?

Be your own person

Brains record occular (eye ball as chem cam), but vid cam is MORE ADMISSIBLE in court

Narcs can use it to make you say something about your mushroom stash or your private life to bully you

Why is such leverage a commodity

Cells literally suck

Suck light off of you

Quantum theory COULD suggest your atoms know you are being set for viewing by cam

Ever FEEL like you are being watched?

How would you?

Inner EMP status

Christ “felt power leave him” during a healing

Maybe reiki works

Maybe not

EMP signature reader seems to not exist

Aimed on ALL at the airline terminal, such a reader could sense anger?

Want it, TSA? Make it

I am just paranormal

I do not know gadgets

(Step thru the man in Hawaiian shirt with huge beard)…

(No alarm, a laser tag prohits his ticket from validating… Plain clothes security with bean bagger sips a coffee- hand on bagger in a man purse… and she’s a woman)

Next gen security

Idea #34 of 252


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