Scorpian Cube


If you have HAE- hereditary angioedema in the USA or anywhere in the world, I have some “intellectual property”.

To CHANGE an HAE attack, I do not need doctors to apologize for putting a gloved hand up my *** to check me. And worse.

No. This ****ing info is free

Scorpian Cube:

Make a pool

4′ x4′ x4′

Fill it with water

Add salt to make 50% the salinity of the Dead Sea (Float On, in Portland goes DOUBLE)

To use, kneel… Head up… Relax

Keep at 99 degrees Farenheit


Celcius? Use a converter table

In your back yard

If you cannot afford to make a Scorpian Cube- I cannot either, so I use a jacuzzi at Schwee Wee’s gym (like I’d invite you to my gym by mentioning “97222” with a name… Heck no… Peeps stress me out

My gym is my lab

I only pay dues… Reasearch is indetectable

The How:

How it works…

Say you have this special “sanctuary” pool in your back yard. It looks nice. Its for “during onset” of attack

Using your natural Buddhaness- you KNOW by scratchies, tingle… where (B1 and B2) bradykinin is actively EATIN ya. This is a million dollar gift.

I ebbed a full attack today, going to pool, jacuzzi (mass aggitant), sauna (restless) back to hot shower (luv) and to float in scorpian meditation stance.

Scorpian (no diagram yet):

Tops of feet touch bottom

Breath regulates upright floating posture (like Altered States upright tank)

Lean back too far, you are on your back- a position that relaxes but is demeaning

How this affects the vascular anatomy is zero-gravity REALITY in your bod (!! !!)

Less resistance makes less aggitation saving $$ on IV protein- delaying it like I JUST did with years of meditation experience- I am only a little ahead of the rest of HAE land

My medical knowledge is doctoral in a SLIVER of specialty..

I am not even an RN yet when one can do their own IV it makes a living madness n hunger to know things… for HAE patients with ASD and PTSD… we want OUT

You can

Cube it


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