No Opiates. Oh no.

To intervene, smoke a bowl. You will hurt differently. Pain will change as view is toggled. Relax, tense up- it matters little.

THC is coach for cancer patients- not a party thing. But it brings out the better half- your other lobe. I feel and hear bloodrush with a primer or two.

Limit alcohol by riding with attitude to 1 whiskey or wine to obtain a sure memory of 30 minutes of freedom of woe

Then hit jacuzzi

Float tank hypersalinous

Acetomenophin lightly

Rub hands for oxytoxin (not oxycotin- you wish)

Poppyseeds – 1/4 cup boil water and resin comes off weak

(Desparate people have much more and do die. SWIM shot it and went into shock- he is a moron and dead now. Who does that?? ? Desparate quiet genius dipsticks.)

Opening the creaky iron door, I see Ancient Egyptians not smoking crack or shooting up, living what appears to be a servitude life and some are even happy.

Go Imotep Klan in the hood

Go go, guy with Anubis mask. Get along… little…

_ _ _ _ _ _


Oops… Very well hung

You lose

So sorry

Did you see the fireman push her up the ladder?? ?

There was no fire

Garter girl

Dig, Englishman, dig into your bent-knee heel-mammary of tell e-time

















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