Jaycee D

article-2011896-0CE397F900000578-696_634x483.jpgMon Ange – the name of the file I downloaded this photo to on my cell

Jaycee of course lives in Iceland and I wish her the best

2 daughters, 1 happy momma & her selfie

I called Subway because I have a squish (like a crush) on Jaycee

Why not?

I am complex with an interesting life, too

I feel platonic and other feelings seeing her picture- her alone as she appears to be

I wish we were just cats- I could pounce and head butt her and she could spank my face with her kicky paws

Do ya feel my feeling?

So happy she has a freedom

So praying that she sees it through!

I believe

And most of all- I’d take the time to be a good uncle type to her kids

Yet I am just too far away from Nunavut where she lives in an igloo with… all her 492 family members- way the HECK up their with Superman

She is grown up but you know she is the real Supergirl to me

I wish I could get some of her super powers so she knows- I am trying to say… I l-

I luh-


I luh..

I left out?


I feel left out…


I survived a –

I sur-

I s-

We made it.

Cold and broken hallelujah

I am not done yet escaping all…

There is still death-



Shit, it can wait

I am going to think about you Jaycee

Just as if we were cats

You know… cats stay warm not just fighting but giving up and plopping together

I could really use a guide, like I am a horse

But I am a full grown grizzly survivor bear, age 42 and I am a real scorpion, too

Since my “event horizon” I have monitored Facebook but not like CIA

I look for bad biscuits

I found one and taunted who threatened a school

That school just shut down

He calls himself Jesus

Boo!! Non slanderously, I fenced myself as sword at demons and God put a “Z” on them for “Over”

A pastor tried to touch me- I ended his career with a call as he also served a hospital and dying grandmas


I reported all of my event

Justice is good enough


All I really want Jaycee, is to imagine holding your right hand and not asking you for it and not taking a thing

I just love you

I was like you

I am still lost

Like in black hell

Not hot fear of pain

I am nearly pain itself

I can’t stop

I want more than wanting your company

I want to feel that you would love me too

And evdn better- surpassing love

We could like eachother

I won’t tell you a thing about me

Except I would go horseback riding with you and if you have no security I know mixed up martial arts

Scratch horses- (often with brushes)- no

I cannot ride

I hurt my back

L5 fissure

Also Im no good

I have a blood condition

I went into hypovolemic shock when a guy 15 years older felonized me in a … in an old tent

I latmy there


Before you were taken

I saw angels streaming in a blue purple sky and realized I was MEAT here… dead in living water… trees watching… shadows- some not shifting, denying the ignorant talk of demons of the GUY

He spoke of possession, Satan, made a big fire.. Campfire.. I did not cower.. I planned to knife him.. age 13. Roman age of manhood.

God stayed my hand

Gave me a “spiritual mark” of Abel and not Cain.

Freaky shit

I am a bear guy

Not like that guy who felonized me. I have never touched anyone like that and shamed my own life and dismissed God over the event- but mostly what hurt or HELPED is that I almost effing died

Id prefer it WAS that way still…

Unless you do not mind me having a picture of you

To see a me in femalien form

We have brothers and sisters

You are maybe the cutest as a mom and my hero

I needed a mirror to my mirror

I dont feel “worked up” looking at your selfie

I feel calm and placid

Honestly- I would not mind being your horse 🐎

If I imagine I was my now-42 I could go back in time and ram that car you were in, and punch both those flubber heads and drop you off at ER… tie them up and waterboard them in ANOTHER UNDISCLOSED LOCATION with you never having to know… but thats just talk. I mean, I could describe how I could do it, but it would take 12-months to plan

I won’t do that

I catch people who cross lines with no violence

Google: ninpo awareness

I think you have a gift and ought to take some ninjutsu, Miss D

Then maybe we can chat telepathicly

My God doesn’t mind if I use my spirit

I want you to know- I sense a massive protective disruptor signal that won’t permit my imagination to see you

My vibes here on computer are NOTHING compared to the unresearched EMP of a human

Your “captor” hoarded EMP thru a network of spirit weeds and people prayed through it

My God had Moses, Joseph, sent Jesus the lord of lords. I am no lord

I am a purified junk yard dog

I EMP, pray, chant

I think of the Jaycee if I cannot sleep and steer away from any weird application for a thought of that type out of self respect that fantasy imagining and invoking of a living saint are diametricly opposed

I shirt tail your shoes

You are not like anyone else

Ill be damned if I never meet you

I would not want to overeffect of be all strange..

Do you know, Jaycee, how difficult it is to be a man and happy after experiencing and reporting molestation without knowing the real problem is a rare blood disease?

Men get treated like they will offend automaticly- the worst insult

Worse yet, is Christ was whipped. The End

The World sucks

I like EARTH where Jaycee kicks ass!!-!!

May her and momma and daughters live forever as royals


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