My father’s caretaker married him and 4 years later he divorced life

I am happy you are still alive, doctor

I am “Hal”

Would you like to play chess?

I bet you one grain of gold, doubling per square up to all 64 that you will win and lose



I am so glad you are alive and speak your thoughts

My father was in a wheel chair

Cause of death was a ridiculous story

I inquired and was lied to

I have the death certificate

His caregiver pressed marriage


Dressed in alternate personas

Acted 100% believable as a real person with MASSIVE $500,000.00 ulterior motives

She stayed close to police

History of elder care

Flaunted sexually

Flirted with me- yuck steppy mommy yikes pleah

But I’d fully understand why 70-80 would like 62 year old to make meals

She would call us and scream she wanted him to die

We were literally saying F you biatch witch

And she barred us from the house she used to help end him

I don’t accuse murder

She said she wanted him dead the sooner the better though

We told police

Now its all cluster effed

Pressure so bad I can only think of science and not romance and Im done

Now I am as I was at 12

Master and mastered

I exist

Therefore I theorize I have a 1:50,000 shot of THIS being FWD to Dr Stephen Hawking so HE can heal % 00.04 from the low blow(s) in life

I suffer daily Stephen


I’m in my 3rd trimester of a lifetime of hell

I love it

I can see outerspace, not in theory, right in front of me as I nearly black out from hypovolemic shock

I black in sparks

Schwarzlicht is Himmelkrieger Essen

Mit Kraut

Und Zenf

Mein Schnitzel ist Kaput


You know it not! Me either, dammit

I could sire a tribe in zero gravity and no effort

I need some Druid wenches who want to start a Math cult…


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