Apocalypse When…

The end of the end book

| welcome mat |

to anyone who wants

Is that “adding” to the floppy disk of paper prophecy?

It is the spirit of prophecy

No need to add

Did anybody say “thank you” to The He/ The Being Supreme

Does not matter

Spirit is not matter

Still it appears that anyone who “would” is simultaneously told like:

“You are welcome” and maybe controversially told “Come!” if they please




A deity who created a woman from a man who birthed two boys after Adam came into her quarters says “Come”

Sounds inviting

Sounds beyond sexual

Sounds real

Sounds scary

The deity of the Scroll husbands nations- fear no man who claims to be a god on top of you

The Adonai lords his lady not “right” but hallowed

His coupling is complex

I think of trouble as being his heartache as The Ecclesia forms cancer-compatible form to assuage pain in the world

In the ranks of the Vietnamese and the India flocks and Japanese sangah who know their way within

I fear for a fringe called “Christian” that they ignore truth, disagree with plain facts in biology but I will swipe their Christ

No need to dump Manger Baby out with the stink water

If you adhere to that name, why not just adhere to the source connecter and follow Christ?


I had a “Christian” do more than gossip or steal in my sight. As a boy I witnessed very close a felony molestation

I hate the English word “Christian”

I have no need but for Cross, Christ and mostly reading about him at age 30-32. Age 33, I stop at the whipping

I know what he felt after that

I know what outstretched hands look like

I know perverted uses for trees, pinning men like butterfly

I find it internally amazing, furious, passionate, unsexed without violence, melodious, horrific with scythe honors

Jesus Christ?

I can say Isa Il Masaih and be hated for including desert people

I can spell:


And get remarkably close to the sign over the Yeshua’s crown

What does it matter?

Well if you’ve met a X-ian (Christian) sexo psychopath who follows the heresy “more sin equals more forgiveness”, I invite you to picture that person tied to a VW bus on a ferry from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island just ROLLING out and into THAT SEA

I think its 1000 feet deep

To experience that, one cannot imagine unless they ever almost drowned

I think at 500 feet, one’s head ruptures, ending the horror

My guess is that until then- lucky loser has brain chemicals that slow down TIME so they assess and review with with thinning breath… stuff

The word for this type of death according to Christ is “better” than anything else

Suppose others overforgive false helpers, priesters and clerics, monks in the Himalayas, Orthodox teachers, shamans- ALL MEN WILL PAY if they exceed the good graces

Who wants to stop being overly sexual?

You can get help

As a former target, I helped counsel a school teacher who QUIT his job

Spooky challenge

Best thing I ever did was reveal my true self to him and watch good lightning set in his numb 55 year old form

It takes a hell of a lot more than a mere stud to throw light

It takes a Christ who is not pinned by American Christianity gloss

Ugly Jesu Sanctu Espiritu

No “wham”

More like…

More like the end of Indiana Jones’ Raiders of the Lost Ark, only their is no Ark, as that Ghost and angels do roam free now

But like I said, the deity, the Lord or Lords sires with like… a nation

That way no idiot can say “God wants to have sex with you”, like some pastors. Zounds! Hell no

Why F-bomb and GD all at once? Mockery of YOURSELF! Ha

I don’t want the Athiests think I like them, now

Athiests are terrible

Thats why I love them

Because my EQ and IQ may not measure up. Just dominate. Sorry

CS Lewis had a very bad quote- want to hear it? I won’t say. I do not care what Christians say. I have my teacher. Inside. So theists are unneeded.

Making me a believer in Christ athiest. “A-” is for “No!”, and theist is for “theorist teacher on God’s nature”.

The universe, atoms, biology are a non-handheld wonder

I could die right now of my goddamed blood disease with no explanation for evil and still hope in breathless digression that the ROMANCE with no stupid frickin’ SEX would reel me at least into FLATSPACE and painlessness

But here the fuck I am

I’m having no need of atheism because I don’t think about theism

I wonder if Stephen Hawking needs a maid and bellhop?? ?

I am still alive

My wife is Christian and fine- my mind is basicly… Andrew… we cost $5000/ month and are also both disabled

Stephen- want to make a trifecta band like Rush?? ? 3 members, one pretty lady, age 48 who won’t get you Penthouse? I will- but I won’t turn the pages…

I want to be the MAGICIANS Nephew!

I have a headstart on you English weiners

I have zenith turned sideways on Hawkings origins theory. Maybe. You have to believe in trace and ghost definitions as you would believe in graphing “i”. I can graph i on a reverse XYZ access. Anyone can. Describe a mirror without using sight…

Pacific Civil Arts

10h44 SE Main St. Ste. 30h

Milwaukie,OR 97W2W


Hi Boris

A2 to A4 (suicide)


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