10h44 se main ste h

10044 10144 10244 10344 10444 10544

10644 10744 10844 10944.


Mail to all 10

I will receive 1 of 10

Willy Wonka ticket! 😃



The prize is a sketch of “i” as you have never seen before representing Universe II.

Scoffers can eat me



Address PCA NW c/o A. Harrison Ste 30h

My manager knows me

I am scary

10 letters each is €7 for European humping Englishmen/women

I prefer college girls to write like Andrea Kmetova. Hey kid. I am still alive. You are family, lovely lady. You may have saved my life by messaging me. Its time to dance. Heaven on Earth 🌎… right now, Blondie. Health and Life too… hail like phat raindrops from inner Big Blue

I am blocked from Facebook and Twitter. Starting a cult called “You2”. Its like Bono’s one need in the night… not the same, but hell… we get to share it

I felt this breeze in 1993

Like I matter!!



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