20161030_195842_film3 3.5 drinks in and uber honest

I cannot tolerate my NW USA scandle of sex trafficking. I am not trained in dark kayakujutsu. But too many more reasons to flare, I can conceivably acquire, with no help, 5 gallons on petrol, dump it on my person, standing on a raft on the Columbia in neither Oregon or Washington… like Huck Finn… exceeding Today’s Tom Sawyer.


And if I am in the water, I know drowning is the real hell. Half-charred, alone… invokes sweeter winds, but 9o% in hell. No one.. No one wants.. another Thich Duc Quac .. Yet.. Sexual slavery of minors must die… I wanna help.

Fuck the traffickers up!!–!!!

Kill em all with snuff

Let god sort their bones

Bury their asses

Inject, but avoid bloodlet, for I, so demented say:

Love on the children by eraditcating thei mitherfucking Jason and Freddies

Fuck legal

Fuck legal fuck legallllllllll

Disaster waiting for another boy ot girl ADULTS KNOW BETTER





Kyron Horman

I am sick with black hell

Sick of candy white lies

Sick of vermin!- kiss the SKY vermin

I could roast without audience

Unto my Sky

Drink Trick


Freeze a bottle of whiskey

It stays liquid

Down the hatch with half

Have your eats in your room, an Aquafina and feel father forgiveness


I am not

Not “better”

Better off than many of YE

Feel not religion molest

Telling you how to self-forgive your F ups

Let.. rain.. fall, Michelle Amore

Try a half pump of a fifth of J&B to your non-sucking lips

Do not blame me

When the grunge shames you in the morn

That is your fire-porn-pyre

Of desire

To keep your SWEEEEEEEEET mojo clear

You ought to be feared

Sweet angel

If you oralize half a bottle

You have my hand on your back and chest

I keep sweet secrets of pain

PTSD be rockin you no more

You excell the whore

You are Egyptian fresh priestess

I’d even MARRY you

If you were not related

The Earth is full of sisters

The brothers are my dogs

Even rood fathers to forget with their war crimes

But I’ll sleep with you, next

I’m half in line

Due for deth

So you swiped and did meth?

How.. do.. you.. feel

I amyour dirty EMT

I do what you want and surpass

I plaster PLASTER what you need

Brothers are entirely another matter

They reek of death gasoline

5039 4304 65


Pacific Civil Arts NW

Shut me down

I dare you

That is the number of my blog

Waste those digits and

you have my nads

My wife was struck by a van

Hurt her head

I dare hell to take me – she’s gone

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

#9.. WordPress 2013, Rrrrright here

and I love Bailey Jay like… I’m her sis051934ab37eb9b11580359c080235846ad2994-wm I Twittered Bailey.

I had a dream as a boy of a girl with a weener. Not a Halloween thing. Not a kinky boy in Jr. High thing..

Bailey Jay is a priestess

She will unsex you

I Twittered in real time- she GOT BACK!

I said:

I had a dream before you were born

It was you, I can feel it

You are beauty in the

Plan of the heavens

Thee bless the name of love


She was “Huh?”

The applause, applause, applause..

We live for the applause-plause..

Live for the applause

Number 9 is just as good as “2”

You flush it down if you are wise

The only person that I ever knew-

Had eyes on the prize and he died

Go for the applause, applause, applause..

Apples and


Apples are my CAUSE

Black ocean wave triangles

Surround my sweet Cherí

She is not with me

Cherí is dead

Live for the applause APPLAUSE APLAUSE! (#fuhq)

Live for the applause-plause

Pride and the applause…

I dip a humble hand toward your need

You lash out, I pull back lest I bleed

I return, O lover in the shit

I see you dyin’

I scream acquit

The applause applause applause

Forget all of these straight-WADS

GODDAMN IT IT I need paws….

You put the cell phone in the toilet-

Ibeardown TAKE A SHIT

I strip your lady laces off of you

I ride you like a Ku

The applause applause applause


I don’t untie your GREY ROPES

Til you know punishMENT

I Try to aim for apollyon

With every jabbing fcuk

I live for the gain, in rain, insane

I burnso full of hell but not in Satan’s name

I turn your fleur di lis in three

All the doors


For me

I punish my life, my wife, my strife

I am a total cock on

Negotiating strife

I bang STEEL o’ bitch!!

Hammer gentle YEAH

I sweat like.. a muther fucking pig

And gold dust comes from my eyes




I the darker saint now

Loving not the cash cow

I eat esh, a mess at best

I fuckin’ breath the beast fest

Smoking nostrils bleex


We make a shit and never cry foul

We knock our friends down-

What a pal

We are the cartoon of our core

Living not still the Babylon Whore

She sill do, do us in

I am researching

Judas nature sin

I can’t believe the bullshit

Of brains- my own and yours

Writing a ceaseless gasm strip

Blog incinerary