20161030_195842_film3 3.5 drinks in and uber honest

I cannot tolerate my NW USA scandle of sex trafficking. I am not trained in dark kayakujutsu. But too many more reasons to flare, I can conceivably acquire, with no help, 5 gallons on petrol, dump it on my person, standing on a raft on the Columbia in neither Oregon or Washington… like Huck Finn… exceeding Today’s Tom Sawyer.


And if I am in the water, I know drowning is the real hell. Half-charred, alone… invokes sweeter winds, but 9o% in hell. No one.. No one wants.. another Thich Duc Quac .. Yet.. Sexual slavery of minors must die… I wanna help.

Fuck the traffickers up!!–!!!

Kill em all with snuff

Let god sort their bones

Bury their asses

Inject, but avoid bloodlet, for I, so demented say:

Love on the children by eraditcating thei mitherfucking Jason and Freddies

Fuck legal

Fuck legal fuck legallllllllll

Disaster waiting for another boy ot girl ADULTS KNOW BETTER





Kyron Horman

I am sick with black hell

Sick of candy white lies

Sick of vermin!- kiss the SKY vermin

I could roast without audience

Unto my Sky


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