I Know The Waterboarding Scary Feeling And The Bottom Of My Foot Cut With A Scaple And No Drugs

I used Qi

So I am curious, morbidly, about crucifixtion. Why not bring it back as a secularized reform tool of soceities? People do not like it. Maybe someone in Parador has a plane garage made for crucifing. Concealed. I hope not.

Cartel in Mexico cannot quite replicate the “Tree of Woe” torment. No screaming! You are breathing and breathing. Eventually, it probably feels great, as in you know you are a king lifted up and then you let it all out. Beautiful. Inside.

All I got it mental measurements- that eventually you trip on your own DMT and fear greatly as you have paradise and death talking. I’d say its as bad as doing 50 years in maximum security prison. Crucifixtion makes none cower. It makes them pissy like the theif that said, “Come on, Jesu… Get us OFF OF THESE!!” What balls, Jesu may have thought- but at least he is here where Peter was supposed to be.

Peter Petra got spiked railroad STYLE in the hands and FEET they say… Took his rood-virginity away. He said flip me! And not flip you. And rockers celebrate his way, the upsi dizzy crucifix is pure as angel sticks- lyin over another

So I lie down

My best times are when time goes sideways and I’m purified in event horizon or nexus

In no hurry to DIE

I am dead. I don’t wait to be alive

Available to ALL is e christ


The God of which is unseen

Who can handle E=MC2 in a bod?

e can


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