He Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good And Doesn’t Give A Shah-hoo-wit

charismatic-phony-faith-healer-benny-hinn-begs-followers-for-more-money-wealth-transfer or

CIA Facebook combers

Think about it-

Are your PMs inaccessible?

Do you post your ass?

Make a little show

With lipstick write: CIA on your boob or cheek… but don’t post it

They are looking at me

Or were

How would the police know I have a Pakistani (had) Facebook friend?

Ofc. Rose told my gf: “He might want to stop messaging to a war zone.”


So police have no budget for FB surveilance. Who does?

My old (gone) FB “friend” christianized himself and we were (are) brothers

He is Afridi

Name ring a bell?

In national and especially interests like spiritual interests of his DAILY near-death life, I counseled him, rather The Hallowed did, to prepare him to die. Unless he moved, he won’t live long. 5 kids. One has my blood condition…

Shayan Afridi

Must still be alive?

Hard fuckin let go

Knowing a word spoken is heard

Ofc. Rose cut the line

I obey authority on a dime

Not Christian like American

Tribal pure spirited on my rood I walk

Not like the other cocks

I’m unsexed at times

Like a velociraptor fat boy

I hail hell itself

My God is a consumming fire

Electric in people… Bzzap! Looney house!! Baoaoao! The puppy is not possessed any more.

Wheeze us, Christ

Benny Hinn reads like Benny Hill

Just sayin

Hi Benny



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