Bongo Fett

message_1475939754915-1 Psychpathic uncle on IV-Nighttrain

Fett? He was kicked out for CARING about CATS and puppies…


Bongo Fett swares to kay-el them sumdaiii…

He irreligulously tame

He can’t kill or keel-haul

He needs LESSONS!!

Pay Roscoe at the Go Fund Me for Bongo Fett Bingo. All I need is $45 and Roscoe will teach me to hate animals in a torture ceremony… they put me in a room in a crappy dark house with 3 kittens in a bucket over me stomach. No food for the kittens, they eat each other. Then I have to keep the winner for the rest of his/ her little life.

Sounds like Deuteronomy 24:16 to me. It does not debunk the Bible, but shows how awful Moses can think. Me too!

Tee hee

Oh well

My lions are back. I trained them to get the neighbors.

We are having them over.

I’m hungry.

Little Jared is thin.

Yeah, might as well throw him in- what the hell.

The wives are washing the guests to get into the bubbling “jacuzzi”

Ho ho ho

Santa is dead

Throw him in the fire under the jacuzzi

Ex-Muss cost me $4,700.00 last year

The new SANTA sees what you do

Put a holly hat on the CIA

We are now a nation fully knowing we are KINKIFIED!! !!

Ho ho ho

Naughty or NICE…

Drink Slice, spice or out of a mug with a picture of Heidi Fleiss (Nng. Zexi-badd)

And have a nice Horror Day


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