German Ghost Of Tank Commander “Rommel” Visits N Korean Wunderland And Speaks!

TC Rommel:

Ah… Zer hoopsch! Maiten Frau… Mit Augen braunes und scwartz hosen fer later.. Mein Gott- ist ein wunderfeld! Me likey. Me likey long time. Oh.

Oh boy- en mein peek-a-boo… das is Pikachu?? Nein. Nein, ist Kihm Von Un. Meister der Ceremonies. Hmm. Essenfergnugener… Ist ok. 👌 Ich too.

(Rommel plays an air guitar and sings the song “Haru Haru”):

Haru Haru

Is there anybody IN there?

Tell me if you can see me

I am just a German ghost


There is no time while you lie sleeping

For old big crimes, a little weeping

World criticism is a sham

I want you to know I am

In the presence of our God

I……. have become

Comfortable with Un

Come on come come

Race is not a base for loathing

Dr. Evil jackets are now IN


Taking each day carefully now

I see no one hurt

Shooting blanks still looks like “squirt”

Sea of Japan is really big down

Missle game is getting OLDER


Not a farce

The rocket it real

The capsule full of Yogi Bear dolls

Why??? Take a dump

Just Fed Ex your hump


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