Father 2015

I am devasted.

Not that my wife’s father died- but HOW.

I realised circumstances were foul. People really are assaulted.

I do not ask “why?”

I really accept that he is gone.

You lose something in a loss.

Compared to other losses, this is like a mugging PTSD and factors of heart and mind and body make it 10,000 times darker, almost ending my marriage.

Do not just let anyone, or “just anyone” care for your family elders. They might marry them. I caught her suggesting it and said, “This is he has a lot of money.”

That was the Hallowéd in me. She blasted back like a witch. I have a medical condition. My bp went to 239/120. I left the conversation and went to Rite Aid blood pressure measurement.

Bad heart medicine. Othercstuff happened. She said she was moving out of state with him. Uncaught, I walked over and let air out of van tire. Once. To do Art of War ninja air-letting. Tire intact. I do not regret it. Po po don’t need to be told. They figured it out and trespassed me.

She killed him in time.

I am devasted.

For American po-po, they told me smoke it- they stuff that I got. And try a pet like a dog. They know how to doctor the Sad. They can accidently shoot me- freebee. 2 in the head but not in the gut please.


No suicide by cop here.

I am devasted stuck in over-fear AND inside my zenith died over night. I bonded loosely with COPS.

YouTube has nothing on them.

My father in law is never coming back here..

I am pro-cop and pro-justice system more than ever.

Funeral home guy covered up the toxicology report and cause of death. New clean method of reap… “Oxygen overdose unto malfunction” – he had COPD.

From an amoral point of view, he died dignified. But were we a part of that?? I can seee always in all ways, can I?? We prayed his suffering in life would end soon. I did not mean to help with prayer!!!

My prayed seems to have helped end my father in law and for that I may have to pay a karmic price. Better to see that than the fake truth that I let that woman mishandle Pops.

Yes just put it on my tab. I prayed wrong. And she invented new hospice execution of action to take away his pain with oxygen.

I did not do a thing. Did she? Yes.

She moved.


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