Haru, haru- Delsym is “mini methadone” for dextromethorphan Hb addiction withdrawls at 25mg/ day.

DXM addiction expert is me. We are extremely rare to EXIST. I used to take 1000mg/ day and let my spirit pray, breathing. Religious addiction “methadone” is drugs, sex, alcohol.

I curbed my libido massive, gained 30lbs. Vowed no sexual weirdness. In pain, so libido insult is easy. Dextrowhatsit deescalated turning ON to tuning out. I Facebooked. I found DXM on Facebook and shared a video of me making “Robotussin soda”, showing how. They loved it. I am no rockstar but I rocked my bod.

People there, 19 to in their 40s and in military too- we all have grief that weighs fat. They gently suggest I lower my dose

What happened? Long story. I quit using and let the analogue I made propel me. I take “suggestion” sips, and my bod remembers and plays programs.

Feels like being in Radiohead world. I got my old feelings back.

Silver surfer quit and still wide but not high. Living a Tron fantasy, aware. The others, too, who auto-med themself with wisdom.

Ptsd work, not play


Dangerous for your marriage or social life

My gf helped me quit and stay off that plateau quest

Sober but tricked out interior

Secular Buddhism

Pain salve quest

In vain, yet not

I was robbed of being able to express my feelings

With D, wrote and got spot #9 out of 31 million people. That was Poe force. Poe rockstarred his writ. Me too. Made $0.

Ωh well

I am a dragon bear, icy white

Butane torch for tongue, welding whatever


Joshua guides inside how I write

etirw I woh edisni sediug auhsoJ

And it takes months to do blog

I’ll come out of my “cave”-

Sculpt all that I say with inner music ear

Radiohead ice song playing n o w


I hope others are helped if I share to have hope, not dope


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