Sucky Bomb

waterfalls Imagine this is a house on fire.

Since it is no good anymore, a fireman in 2112 AD shoots a sucky bomb thru the window, detonates it with a remote (!!)

The sucky bomb exists.

Using chemistry, one can make a “bomb” that IMPLODES, sucking a house IN and DOWN..

Make them BIGGER and we might have a forest fire Warcraft in real time- men against fire sprawl. In any alarm fire.

Questions of safety for bystanders would not exist without BTMYSTANDERS, so I think laws need to be changed to accomodate new fire fighting tools and methods.

An implosion device was used in a 1950s gang war that sucked a SHED into itself- no one was killed. The Loki Chemist, now Dr. Jackson Darkaar of The Reapers North:

“I had time on my hands. Slipped in the bathroom and hit my head on the toilet. Saw a formula, no voice.. And it was a chemistry dream come true..”

I am not authorized to tell you his full real name, but he knows how-to on the sucky. I’m sure he’d like his formula implosive device’s AIR SUCKING to be applied to FASTING a fire, hm? Fire breathes AIR. Water is one way to snuff, not the only way.

Oh, if we could get gawkers away- the ones who remain get tickets and PAY the State. Yay! More spending. And the job be taken with respect.


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