Siren, Lights

Revisit the sound to European, and there may be less or more stress

Less on your ears, more for Sgt. Hill? She is nice. Make her siren into a merman blowhorn

The lights! Red, blue

Hot! Cold!

“Decide to relax” is what sirens and lights do in automated low-heat signal and “flare” K A Y A K U J U T S U, arguably and modified in an Ameno-spirit wisdom by WHO? Invented by who?? ?

Homework assignment:

– Learn who invented:

1) police lights

2) siren

And write a 2-page report with YOUR NAME on it and send or give it to the police department furthest from you. Add “PCA NW” under your name, and if asked “What is PCA NW?”, tell them PCA NW is Pacific Civil Arts NW. My brain child I am fostering for public safety awareness because I am smart. And I care like a mommy. But I smell like a bear?

Someone had the Z E I T G E I S T guts to design a weapon of light and peeling sounds that doppler us down and dumb. I don’t like cities for that reason but need 7-Eleven and Rxs and a health spa etc.

Halloween is in a siren. Scary. Good. Suggestion? I have preferences not worth suggesting.. like German wail or ANYTHING besides:

“PYEEUUUOOOOwahWEEEEEEknag!! Haut!! ToodleLEEDLEweeWAHhoop hoop hoop WOO HOOP!! Yoo HOOP!!

Hoopee WOOP!!”

I’ll HOOPIE WOOP my own darn selfie AUGH!!

I police me


Why be known??

People SUHCK


FOR i.. I.. I in my eye, I am Oscar..

Oscar Meier’s grandson’s babysitter’s boyfriend.. Hot Dawg of the Hades!

Woop woop HUP HUP HUP neenar WEEE! (Omfgh uhg) watt WATT!! Naht!!

Gnat!!! Gnat!!! HereweFOOKINcom!! No


Weeeeeeooooooooooo GNAT!! Gnat!! Get the- GNAT!!!! Get the fugouttamy WEI!!

Wooooooooo ah Wu WEI!! Wei!! !! Wah!! Wah!!!-



Parlez vous pleez politzei say just, turn an shaddup, hm… Uh.. Oh good.. You are nice to zie officer in charge of you CHARLIE HORSER

10235 SW Hoodview Dr

Tigard OR 97224

Your tail light is out and you suck and you cannotBEfixed, wining bench

OCCIFER!! Will you go to court with me?? I was speeding to get a date

Non .. I am Anubis-08K

Human K-9 clone beast

You suck


Pet me not let ye want to feed me more cats


Why challenge  authority when you can stroke the dragon

BEAST!!! Augh… Mark on the RIGHT HAND says Ruger!! Nein nein nein.. They will hate me Ja Ja Ja.. I dont really GIVE a shit

I’m Little Boy Blue and wear Arabic Khakis and Osh Kosh Bgosh greaves

“Weiner Olympics”

I can say whatEVER the fcuk I want and I want more cop love on people who put cop on

Starting with me, El Roostahhhh


*cough cough*

Pleah HUH?!!?


F the ME-D-UH


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