What you get when a Giesbrecht collides with Shrek in a quantum event horizon from Hell

Daddy, Satan is talking to me on the bus

Oh, wait- that is just another homosophist painted red

Daddy- Mommy says my three other mommies are in jail. Is one of them my REAL mommy, or are they virgins, Dad? Its time we talked. I’m 62. Jesus, did you really have to be polyamourus? Uh huh. You did have to. Well, I am 62 months old and REALLY disappointed in you Daddy. So mad! 😠 Augh.

Do I get a harem someday?  “Yes”? Great. Can I loan some money? I want to do this polygamy thing in high school and cause a weiner war. As a Jebediah Knight of Navoo.. Ok, so “no”? Darn IT.


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