Oogah Boohgah!! Waba Waba Pleah..

Welcome to my head. Host yourself, damn it.

My blackened-bass mind materialized Once Upon A Time…

My blackened life matters

My b-

My blackened life matters


My blackened life matters on an ER table

My black-

My blackened life matters more than Thich Quac Duc’s YouTube glory hit. He would agree..

My blackened life matters, but-

My blackened life is spiritual obsidian in slipping off of me PEACH SKINS all over my bod

All that is left is Jason Voorhees

I run like a blackened heart

Jason Voorhees is a race-less mode of “eager-beaver”… take the knife, make it a ladle and I’ll fcuk YOU UP ☝

… a drink at the party


I’ll ladle you, myself in The Night

Come to Old Milwaukie to see Jason handing out portraits he draws of you with his mask

He does not like how you look

But he can see your heart…

And only takes a stab to keep you on your toes…

He Is AdrenaLEAN!!

Hohohoho hohohoho ho

Not funny



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