My Newest Friend Asked If I’m “bi-“

I said “no”

Then wondered is he?

Into bi-planes?

Yeah, not really wth

Its inevitable

You have to ASK EVERYBODY!! Go!! Go!!

If YOU are asked, just say you are “tri-” like my Jr. High classmate “Angel Voorhees”… hell get on anyone and die tri-ing

Ah ho ha hee hu hio mo ho to bo po lo

Leelu von WOOKIE ist choo bakky Jed’s eye Boba Jango cloned wango

I’m try

I’ll find you

And try to be YOUR FRIEND

Do not handle.. My back end, brother

Fix your own joy stick

Don’t talk about it

You say sloppy seconds and its funny

My friend have a friend crush?

I would


I namaste myself not

Namaste to you, you worldwide sons of bitches including females if you pay the piper and kiss the sun

Most of my friends are women

A grown up touched my butt when I was a kid, way extended family and the problem ended up as a 1-sided H8-fest in slow corrosion

No I don’t fucking like my ass poked at

Clean slate and open slate

It was a Christian

He had a camera

If you see me on the net, fuck you I was 14

Gay means happy, but that was Gommoric

I became an apollyon


Burned in a hell

Still carry stress

Besides HIM, others tried, contacted ‘boy’

Now ‘boy’ psychicly reads and attracts more to put a stick between a running sex offender’s legs

Get them fired

My heat-signature for sex is unsex

Next to death

Oh I did not MENTION- I have a rare blood disease with stress triggers..

The back side touch led to a neurotiggered edema and we were camping, and everyone by the lake ignored me

I went into hypovolemic shock and saw blue heavens. I am the real, neglected, stabbed-in-the back “Jason” who does not slay

But I design weapons and tested waterboarding. Its safe. It changed me in all good ways.

Bi-amory (n.): Hug with 2 arms.

When was I hugged last? I want it too much, but maybe someday Laura at the library will take one. My muse. Shh.

Name of library in 97222 is L-

Uh no

Private hug

No looking

Don’t imagine me

I am bilaterally a bear n dragon

I can fly

1′ above the Earth, fat and strong

1′ is all I need to haze with my blue fire, taze with my claw nails and eat

I chew peeps

Like tobacco



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