Junior Pursuit

I was at a party

Big house! Long fenced backyard, pool, horses

My gf’s relatives

Not blood

Nice people

Lots of food

I was swimming

Lil bbw 13-year old Tracy jumped on my back

Terror and then-

The voice of ancients spoke

All eyes on you… or no?

I did not know my own name

Energy fed back from me like immolation not called as lust, as lust wills to act…

I relaxed

I felt tense

I felt like guilt- self-aware…

Girl = woman faintly

My viscera did witchcraft from me of a craft I cannot repeat- my back jets flew me

I feel like a rock STAR, that a young thing would just jump me

From behind

In a pool

Beware… do not assume I am safe…


I am everywhere, and if she is 18, forget you!

I’m buying her a coffee and not saying a thing about our play date

Still below the rank of daughter, that is a little step sister at 18

Daddies, I’m watchin’ the populous, to watch over your college girls- the ones that need older guys like a fish needs a bicycle made of lead

Mommas, you are my age- let’s dance! But do not touch my pants or my gf will get teste

On me

Or yeah!!



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