| Hallow – ing |

|||| a c c e p t a n c e |||| :f

O F : The Reality

T h e

R e a l i t y…

That even bad pumpkins come and go into the back yard or trash..

And that chaos is theoreticly more than that..

In reality.

( no ” T h e ” . . )

Another word among MANY that would fit ” T h e R e a l i t y ”



I can put an English word in a new place.. but does it stick? Ingles no es espíritu y no es sangre como mi sangrevin mi cuerpo..

G o d (n.) : The Reality.

Athiesm (n.): Preacherman, bye-bye – I got this, this life. I preach to me.

Faithful (adj.): Together, still!

Cupid (n.): Mostly imaginary, an energy that tickles girls more than boys in Winter.

Food (n

No, no.. Bah!

Lewis!! Get your ghost back here! They want to know where you are.. i am no neck-romancer.. I’m a purist pirate on the World Wiper Waves..









S. Lewis!!

|||||| B. S., “Lewis” is not far AWAY..

Take a little journey to the liquor store

You will hear Aslan say: “What UP, my imaginary FRIEND..”

Maybe God imagines YOU


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