Gamask Lach Ranahh Isk Rahn Obalask: Ohkulaarkhan Maat Maek Iael Krom

How to make a tent peg out of ice

So sweet

Add vanilla please

For me??



Happy ice dagger..

Where 4 art thee

Romano cheese pizza



Love you



College girl


Tip: $5 for FAST

You drove fast

With your delivery love

Your delivery, love

I watched..

I received

I received from a lass

A pizza


Oh yes

OHHHHHH yessssss

Half my age HALBE MEIN KAMPF of life knowledge

Bless your cheeks


You have a boogie

To ya


On your nose

Fix it.

Fix it and be TIPPED better

$5 back please

No just kidding

Flash me?

Flash me a smile

Very good

Now be here each time?

Far out

Now feel my heart?

Maybe not

I feel existance

Feel yours, CHAI

Sweet butternut squaw princess of red thunder

My sistah fan on under a mister

Untwisted cistern

Married at 23


Ill be

Take energy and may The Reality be with you in all ways

Even in a bullet graze

You are loved

Selfie from another shelf-E

Anon anon… And on and on

Ja Ja


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