Das Iniganatada

Fleur di steel

Spinning wheel

Designed to spin hot

Headed in a vector

Into fleur di fleisch nectar

Spun in vats and poured

Oh lord-



New sword flies thrown

Elongeted pointed BALL of mass

Tap tap it, not

Ironman Dave Lewis of Anukut, Idaho says:

“I went to the RANGE- with a Russian-made round. Held it with a wrench AWAY FROM me.. Over a campfire..

Compensating for wind, kick-back and shock, I leaned in and SHOT A BEAR with my bare h a n d s..

Truly a possible story

One round, heated with a BACKING- could stop a bear attacking

Bears like funny tourists in FR who are anthropomorphic and nutty

Watch it

Who me? Me not here. Me in Alaska. Me gone. Peru. Haru haru

And the children ask who Santa was in 2112

He left

God is BACK

God is not dead

The word died

The word is

The word is.the

The word is


Life is ALIVE!! !!


me ye thee


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