Change Of Name

Last or first and why, guy?

Because you float and sting?

Thank you for a monument-name warnin’, Ali..

My name is muddled in my mind as self grows thinner in my chapacabra grind time, dig?


Not And-he

Andy walks.. with me?

Andy talks….. … with me?

Sayeth my improvitization of a Hebrew lord.

Oh my, Takei..

Alien super-terrestial lord dressed in rich colors and flavors in our UNIVERSE-

Or so I think I have learned.




May angel samurai watch at your bed, windows and doors and spicy ninja buddies have your back, peeps in the IRL. Sorta.

Word out

Word in

Palabra implanted

Shaka zulu you phat dogs and cats in the masses

E pluribis unim

Hold the E coli

Slurpee guru..

Hiyi yi yi yai Yai YAI YAHHHHH!!!



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