I Do Not Know What I “Belt”, Myself- But I Know I BELT Myself To Keep From Using Kayakujutsu

And water-lily analogue of ninpo water war walk unter Das Wasser

hi (do not… play with los matches, kids-)


I am Peachy

Not white, unless a “white peach”

No Lives Matter as much as the One, the Joshua and the Eterni Tree

Or 6 hour paradise cruise for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5…



Analogues are produced in the brain, assimilating chemistry to mimic or mock what we see… AKA you need a teacher bad and one is IN-SIDE YOU, Jason Voorhees wanna be and Sister Susie Q jumping jack cheerleader attack girlz…



I gots me a double white belt in TKD

I took TKD and bowed to the Jesu in the atoms of the mat

I ran and ran trying to keel haul my depressed self

Whoops! I did Sundance withdrawl into SLLEP all ALONE aka “analogue death”

Ya don’t have to (hafta Nafta wafta) believe me, but I saw Licht in mein inner lederhosen

I met a box… future or past grave, all the same

Ange jets rescued me, laughin’

When I called out “I Am?” and then with despair force 9.0 I whispered

G-Zuhs Nani Ohk Kai Mah Main Dah Di

Something… something like that. Jesus! What a rush. My life has suckethed for so long like a dinged dong in a title fight on the MAT chugging breathy chunks of … someone else’s san-grey

1900 shades of San-grey for… Sam Haines, analogue little brother wannabe to dear sweet AVRIL HAINES… insane?? Uh uh huh…

Sluff slack back L-4 crack leftie planter has fibro tumah intact sciatica limitus blissness

Merry Chris, Miss

From Payless







Now that we are alive forever, what can we not learn together by having Asperger’s in this LIFE

And being practiced on


Good GOD! Whammie!!

Gimme a Whammie!

s o l i d


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