El Deity, En Vivo- Mocks Mankind’s Pride Sore

A man will leave his father, leave his mother, to be as one with.. his

Nation?? ?

God marries a nation. One at a time?

Christ bonds with Man once.

Sacrifices in the thousands of the finest cattle led not to a mere human sacrifice- what do people SAY about The Heaven? It is within.

What does it feel like to go up high, and be exemacuted? Exe-cuted? Living, not dead. Feeling?

Well he DID fast for over one month- 3 rotations of Earth around THE SUN before any whip of broken glass opened his back….

We got bad stuff on Earth like THAT now! Waterboarding? That is do-able from a recipient’s point of view- I almost drowned this decade. To say “it sucks” is anathema to the burn and spin that eats an individual with inner Phoenix heat- fire from heaven.. My favorite DONE DEAL.

Torment of flesh is deceptive or amazing- I heard an inner-to-outer radio com steer my swimming body in. Who at the HELM home doggy? Jesus? No. No no no no. But his spirit lit me up I am sure. I did it..

Me We

Yes, yes. You too can be crucified and knocked around, knocked down, unfavorably knocked UP and raise a pup- I will BLESSAH that boy or girl..


Isa Il-Masaih guy.. High five. Down low? How the hell DID YOU GET THERE SO FAST, ambiguously named Hiro?

Beavis say: Hiro Hito!! Hito! Hito!! ! Hare Rame! Top Rrrrramamen!! Noodle! Noodle. I gotta nood. Heh heh. Yeah yeah.

Butthead says: Uh. I already repehnted.. I don’t wanna die sick or beheaded. Uhhhh. Huh huh. Huh. Uhhhhhhh.


Well, this is your “planet” if you want to start a cult or eat weird food. You can. There are books to read. Oh don’t read the bible.

You won’t get past The Exodus. Deuteronomy is written in Ancient Yiddish-Hittite Summer-Ian chapakabra schway way… You need a decoder and Trix cereal stopped putting decoders with-

Do you have a CAT? They are Voltron-ready power tools for your personal enhancement. I’m so SURE that The Zaphanath-Paneah “Imotep” had a few to scare him away for FUN while getting Yod dreams from Throne Room where fire falls- “Heaven”. Or did he get made up?

Modern scribes of ISSSS RAI ELLL?? ?

Yes! Joseph was MADE… UP..

In a chariot

BAM BAM!! Baddah boom

Sorry Phaorah.. this is gonna PEEL YOU..

(Wasser und Pharoah = Phoenix Effect)

BOARDED… BURIED… FEELING TIME… TIME… TIME… ( Ω ) |||| …and its unknown how much he suffered, but as an expert and not advisor on water and breathing freak out, I tell everybody:

You are crazy to fly over a sea

You need to learn swimming

Drowning is worth learning, but you naturally will regret it if you live thru daring a tsunami, river, pool, bath, rag of waterness from a nation you dissed big. No “oops” there. ₩B is justified by reality. So it reformed my depression and bad fears to feel like-hell torment in 60-120 super stretchy taffy of burnt nerves SECONDS. I do advocate it, as one is most likely to not die and you be making decisions pretty seriously messed UP to sit in that chair for any cause. If you do not die, is it not a discipline?

Ugly to have to do, but so is funerary work, Steel Mills- almost died in a suit there- lack of oxygen.. Ran to find a small hose.. Had I been mad, chances of thinking well are bad. In threatened oxygenization situations, thoughts and feelings warp akin to an acid trip. I like the memory.

Andrew Harrison, ret. Evraz Steel. 97222

My number is FINDABLE. For a 1099 tax form fee of $5,000, I will tell a Federal Agent from our Security department my lengthy account of precise feelings in drowning and feelings on the efficacy & viability of the military practice & improvements. Actually, for improvements, I would need to be on board as some sort of council to have protection of several sorts- $50k, no less because I may be Middle Eastern a bit. I just throw that out there.


Zee Row E Quells Nein


I do not really need money. But I must have it because I am a cold-hearted Jason Voorhees.. He fictionally drowned. I did it half-ass. Wimp!! A real man..

Would not swim while sick.



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