CitizenAbel APB From The 97222 Hood

Connie Cross Fire Redwood

Name. Remember. Never let a Connie “fire” your “redwood” – geriatric hospice oxygen not-so-rich. No slander. She admits. It.

That she used a new hospice method of oxygen saturation? Dad’s Spirit visited me in Elijahan fashion.

I admit since then I have accepted death too much and became curious but not suicidal. Finally over that.

But my wife ain’t.

John Walsh-

Kyron Horman’s father, too-

I have no pain like yours except for the feelings of suffocation that ebb with a foul. I will not think more on this. Black Widow visited and left the State of Oregon…

All citizens, this is a points bulliten. She, The Connie, took hundreds of thousands of dollars and fudged hospice against doctor’s wishes. Not saying HIS name. He is GOLDEN. DRG

Yeah. Vengence ain’t mine… sayeth the man with a plan to BE FREE from the uber-drama of Yester.

I want an Easter.

Pop up nowwwwwww…

Out of bed every undamned DAY…


A’huskin’ my coconuts

Like a tribesman making Coco-Dew…

“Con, you and me, honey, we are thru… run for the hills… but don’t come back to Orygun… ya yelled at my dad-in-law, woman… no more marriage-caregiving for THOU…”

Public may READ now.

– Jerry Armstong, tailor NMRN


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