PTSD LEVEL: Politacal Prisoner, Tortured



Tortured by odds and ends.

Life will never be the same- Good God

And on waterboarding, I say GO

I have to because I KNOW it works

I almost drowned alone in waves

Saw people I held dear

Said to God, “I wasted this chance”

But yet AGAIN I lived and did not die

Such a priviledge for the terror-lover… To get a dose of Phoenix Fire


What more to bring have I?

Love your hurting family victims with fear

Do not push them away

Or you will cry my tears

That you do not FIT IN


But I have peace with hope that is thin

All I need to to have rightness be clear

And suiciding not

I’ll last another 40 years

My will is stone like Genesis

I lay it on the fire

I walk as pyre

Firey horse I know not

Revelation? Life just BEGAN!!

My end is never to see

I eat Calvary

Breakfast bits

I’m a dog by the horse of Jesus

A junk yard dog roams not

I am better than this I know

My stress comes from long ago

Long ago

When non-LaVeyan Satanist priest

Revealed a sick thing at a fire

In the woods

I fell into hallowed trance

Ghosts appeared to me

From God

I was displaced somaticly

Waterboard and be free!

This I say to Sir or Ma’am far away

I condemn you not

I have files

On Phoenix Effect

I am Mayahana Anglican

A mage in the order of Seek

Seek. You shall find.

I find BOARDING to be a crucifix fine

As savory as wine

In the viscera, subjects dine

On themselves in inner fire, not hell

Close, I’d say

I’d rather be stabbed or shot

The lingering memory is corrosive

Keeps me loving and not cold

So many cold bastards who need a special light

I advocate.

Cold and brokenly:


For saint agent


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