Pray For Andrew


Pray for Andrew of the Mayahana-Anglican’church’ body of light-vision

Local government has put a squeeze on me bad. I may stop writing if they don’t stop fighting over me. I’ve done nothing wrong. They want to put me in a home. And disrespect my marriage like I’m in a baby carriage.

No names. Its not MY shame, though.

Socialist OR state moves.


When you are poor as me, you will see that sometimes being HELPED means neglect and loss of dignity, and lible and slander.

Just chant to the Valley Lily on my mind. I will see you there? In the Beautiful Land?

You don’t need my hand- its in YOU

Yet please pray. I need a friend who doesn’t understand

Who has heart

And in return

I will burn

For new America to BE

And have Beauty.

Beautiful country, isn’t it?

NW WA Hoh Rainforest

Utah Bryce Canyon rock

New England- the first cities

And Florida is a hot mofo

6 Flags roller coastings

Knott’s Berry Farms “No puking on the ride” postings

I just lied

Oh my- Takei!!

And Leonard Nimoy’s ghost

His host speaks at me:

“Interesting, Captain!”

Yes sir, I am

Yes sir- and I would never steal your bike

Like Shatner did

Its why he haunts me for fun

I am fan #31

I give a shit

And Johnny Cash sings within

Man in Black escaped his sin

Wants me to as well

I suppose

In time I will find my fate

Good I love, Evil I hate

Let it all be

Let it all BE


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