Oh God Now- Would A Healer Want You To Think “Too Much” About His Wounds?

Joshua Rex Christ would want you to think about it “enough”. I might say “forget all you have learned” and be right that in a snap-back if you forget, a XYZ axis will prove that Dali the artist thought a LOT about El Cruz.

I have not thought enough.

I may post some posts about the somatic levels unseen in Joshua’s body in that 6 hour period so LONG ago, because metaphysically I see or feel how that act works for me past “salvation” not into godhood but thru marriage trials, health woes…

I have HAE, an immune disorder that has been temporarily FIXED thru East coast blood… Spun in Holland, 18 months or more later, is nanofiltrated and in an IV I toast it the blood of Christ because of ALL loving donors- Buddhist, athiest, mother, dude, lady, guy, Baptist, or… scaring me now… even an Evangelical’s meaty red blood C-1 fixes me right up. What do I DO?

Funny. Retired painter, 42, likes very short walks on the beach… a neurofibroma in my foot has a neuro growth UNDER it, so I step on the Earth and feel… a beating.

IECVS NAZARENUS was minding his father’s business when some Gentiles hired by religious extremists did WORSE small hits on their hit lists… One. One special hit, to get OTHERS to kinda kill him for words.

And resurrection of Lazarus. Well, Emperor Palmade told Anykid Skyprancer in the Stark Warps series:

We Scythes can do the UNNATural… even keep people we love from dying…

Yeah, my sister makes authentic Mu Shu pal- eternal living stirfry delight… Can you resurrect a bod?? ?

He cannot.

Since few conceive of WHAT THAT IS, a movie never shows but only tells around that special not-effect reality… A spirit’s buoyancy is real…

Do I blame Israel for Christ’s death?? ? Not this century and NOT last and maybe the bible says it best that G-d went for another walk away from her… Is she in his arms? Is everything okay? I don’t know…

If 4 modern scribes had my ears or eyes, and I died in exchange, bleeding out, THEY might be able to answer that the word “God” is not a living word, but that the children of The Reality ARE wordlings equal to a masaih… tons and tons of them NOW alive and acting in sincere love, honest, virtuous and both religious and secularized in appearance.

I just played an interferance

Jews got the ball

Shim Shon IT


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