My Crest Is Brutality

I am no “Christian”

They are brutal

Some extremists are

Verbally and in “forgiven” act

Avoiding the theist… they are too deist and cold

I follow history on Christ

I respect old centurian style

And I want Jesu to smile

When I say:

I came up with a nicer blow…

I want to blow thine enemies away

In any way that would serve thy God

Du hast mein Gott

Du hast “Strasse” und Augen braunes

I look to the silver gown

Slashed at church I want to see evil burn

Not the church ekklesia your bod…

No, the Pharisee Planet.. Give me a nod

You do


I in I is Adonai on me

As heavy as a star

How much more must I bear a huge scar?

Before nukes bloom from my chest

And lay to waste all of the Pacific Northwest

Pervert scene

Religion schemes

“A church for every ho shack”

If grandpa lived, he’d be dead of a heart attack-

Not from strippers but to know in the flesh

That a man put a god to the test

When a christian man tried to fuck with young me

By a lake like fictional Voorhees




Like Jesu Rex on a cross of shame

Literally stripped

And now marriage is not easy

People say I am fine… I feel like a HAUNTER

I DIED and exited the hood

Boy hood

I asked God “How do I slay??”

He showed me how in every way

I had to tell local police I have-

A problem with a man I knew

Gave my name as angels warned

I am now capable of running him thru

Not that it plays but-

“Christians act exempt”

They are not

But it came that close

I got first dibs

And I gave them UP!!

As quickly as I could

As fast as Johnny Cash’s brother bled

Now angels sing in my song

It has taken me forever long

To see

The monster of Man in I

In me

We’re DONE

Oh God

Save me from your phoney followers

Crucify me not

I do it myself

When I misunderstand the book on the bed side

Needs to be within

And worse than crucifixtion

I love your hallowed son

And worse for me holding a gun

I love your one and only son

In me

I pray… by breathing and crying too

Human zoo

Painted with religion fake red

Someone love Andrew

He is not totally dead

In Spirit, he sides with Jaycee

Over MMA has mastery

I need to test my belt

My MMA is heavy hades, you see

My burden is a chest like Voorhees

I am Jason

Fcuking ROBBED

That church HURT my mother & dad

And made my family SAD

What have I to me?

A diamond in the eye of Voorhees

I am him

I scare peeps

When they act “Northwest greasy”

I vKNOlunteer

To hunt


If God willed

But better than a Dexter, for sure

You KNOW that children must be freed

And Traffickers obey a STOP


And po po never has to see

Facts on you I collect

You- are in debt

To Rammstein’s Gott I pray

Fire on your heads in Portland to-night

I pray

A stark reform blade sing on your skin

Horror terrorize you WITHIN

In time it will be made so

I in I

I hasten the blow

For I feel for criminals as having soul

And know millstones are made to roll

There are exceptions

Kyron Horman gone…

Big brother will carry him on

What Would Kyron Say?

I bet he was wise and good

No more missing boys!!!

Release all children now

Or Halloween may be your last day

To think or breathe, I pray

No preying, I chant

To the Hallowed worker of ways

To close night and open days

Out of Mighty Night!! Into Ever-Day.



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