Just Letters

Form unjust words


“I try to type sensibly with a mind for: ”



“Real people’s private feelings, celebrity or NO”

And STILL I doubt myself


What if I caused UNDUE bad feelings?

It would be:

Misunderstanding, low blow on a celeb for a reason- I know ME

Not on commoners

Its the “regal” who have a shaving coming

They must be proven regal

Or be another type of human race

I just had a feeling about a national speed bump in history

That those need to be FLAT forgotton but not people…

Speed bumps of shocking awesome death

Ooo… Death

Wherefore art thou sting, O death?

Release my guts or be dispensed pure Justice

Speed bump examples:

Miscellaneous referrences to all slavery AND the modern USA as having 4000 years of history DOING it. No its more. For each slave, count 40 years and you get 400,000+ years of individual slavery


Hijacking of Black young man executed in the South- a GROUP CONDONED it and its so much worse than you know!! A boy became a MAN. A MAN died- not no BOY and I AM peach skinned so I know that when I almost drowned in ’10, EVENT HORIZON rises and JASON VOORHEES spirit of GO GO GO was kind of with young bear cub. I like black bear cubs- the REAL ones. From a distance I saw one near FORKS, Washington… “Twilight” zone. Up in NW USA we sense that human-on-human reapers lurk and traffick. Yikes.

I just busted my moves on a body shaped boxing bag and ran the mill at the gym. I looked in the mirror, jogging, and danced like an ostrich like in the VIDEO GAME joust. I dexterize my texture but really I like the aesthetic pleasure of seeing a glow about my visiary do-wah bod. And I have killer legs, arms and hara (guts in abdomen). They cry:

Daddy, can we play with Jason?

I respond:

Hara, get back.

They say: “Mmmm…”

N shit. I dunno.

When you live in a building where people are snorting FLOOP and break-ins are PERSONAL, you want to protect your lady’s BODYGUARD…

I am that guy

I went swimming in the Willamette to check my buoyancy

Bad idea, but NEATO LESSON!!-

You can drown in a river… it is a tsunami on LOW…

I would float down, my viscera and I, to promote floating… but Willamette is full of sanitized 1&2 night soil juice…


And other rivers have E Coli

Double Wretch!! !!

– – – –


O river

You smell a bit

O river…

Make the shist dump QUIT

I want you river…

FOR a swimmmmmmm

I want to keep my liverrrrr

From gettinggggg

E Coli-edddddd

And dead slim



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