If Anyone Accuses Another Of Being Demon-possessed…

You are probably THEN in over religious OREGON… and I think it sounds like a paradox- but the accusers of possession may be quietly possessed by daemons so richly, but not in full bloom of putrification death like we see in child molester and killer of children creeps who are sick and not possessed.

I sat in on one exorcism. There was nothing to see but the dialogue was buffered by Meth. It was odd. Not all daemons came out except self condemnation and labelling. He labelled himself previously as daemon possessed and healed. No his church was making up Satan in his life. He was a little big gay but not really, had a thyroid condition the lord spoke it and I HUGGED the guy

6’6″ black 265lbs

Black? Brother from another mother

Said he wanted sex, stripped down

This is why an exorcism is not done alone

To verify

And ones you see are hokey? Or Hollywood bs

It was jesus me and jason

I took a backseat and jesus drove and I used my voice

He threatened to have me killed

I said GET OUT

The devil left him and in shreds


Oh yeah I feel sorry for ya

I did

He said he was afraid of hell and so am I

The Black Man was jesus

I love this game of life shit

Video games blow

So I am Darkest White the Knight of hey you black neighbor, what up ☝

Jesus up

He zup from the grave

In the Hood

Not just in bad guy but good

But be nice to the Junk Yard Dogs-

They rule a realm and police is anybody watching and noone who is not


Yeah uh huh yeder yeder do

Take Delsym, 211, TH-see, and clam chowder all WHITE like grand dads pearl jam and throw it in a blender with bear meat raw and… Thats ME


Pirate Bear who shoots white cannon balls at mermaids shell lumps and friskies… Boomer boomer (so nice and soft!)

Then pirate bear makes bear maids by having underwater sex thump with little mermaid


9 months later is red haired tubby merman bear… Me

Wait… Did I just make me?



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