Ist der ein

How much fun

Korean sky and a nation of Disneyland joy

I could FIT IN…

Probably not SKY… spy… Fly? Hi!

One way for two please

To entertain the G.U.Y. in charge?

Why not

You would think Im a traitor?

No you wouldn’t

He is one G.U.Y.

Good Un Young

40 more years to reign?

Well bless the G.U.Y.

And me, I’m an Earth Second B.O.Y.

BooYah On Ya

Idk idk

Korea has a crater lake

So does Oregon

I want Oregon to have Shinto mystique like Norte Koreadad has…

Because its next gen

And its for forever

Entertaining kings is my ability for a day

I cannot make it go away

Bring Un to Oregon

That I might show him our Crater Lake and talk privately with good food and secrecy from the commoners of which I am ONE

Record it ALL and openly

We have a pocket of sea

If we could seismiclic drill, we could make a MONOTHRILL ride thru the Earth to his father’s place of “birth”

Earth Second

Us people FIRST

Light a big as candle

Fan the flame

Imaginary voo doo games

Makes the media go insane

But I GET Asia

Everytime I Wu Yi Wei

I am magified by a friend with enormous sword in my being

Jesus Christ, are you okay in here?

Oh yeah

He’s solid

I want to talk to Un about- not the West, but about how our world was won!

By sacrifice

Of the son of Joseph

By sacrifice

Of the son of…

Oh God- there I go

Agnus Dei makes the Void white as snow in earthen fire sevenfold dip

Silver tongue, a sword from mouths cuts no man unfairly and mostly trims the extra withering cords of the PAST

I have no real power besides a blog horn

I am saying, think of visiting Korea before judging her ways

And stuff


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