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81814_orig I’ll have to warn you, I respect the Peter

Anyone ever metaphysically meditate on this one? A Roman centurian’s guardian angel say I COULD calculate the upside down limbs pierced by preaching so well that hell sends out messengers to me? No- how about a study on soma? Yeah??

The experiences one has, they HEAD for. Chosen? Hard to say. Drafted in a script before the first 60 seconds of this universal reality on Earth? In heavens? Hopefully. I would not want to be crucified upside down unless it was softer or quicker than a traditional upright thing.

So being shot in the gut could be excruciating. Better than exasperating- that those who saw wrote hardly a thing about a goat cross. Rockers wear a St. Petra for rebel regallia. Not me. The real meaning is not a scream… its silence or a crow song long from a ding-dong-you-are-dead cruci-muh-fixtion. It… may as well be fiction. It was Peter-to-Elohim chant low… Glorifying Life thru visceral ahhhh uhhnf… Ahhhh uh uhnnff Ohm megahhhhh ahh ayy aieee yah YAH YAH YYAHYAHH… and stuff.

Maybe it decodes the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ as further humanly do-able and not impossible. But Peter chose upside down. He did not think sideways. Probably because supply andcdemand NEEDED to see a real guy do the inverse on planet Earth… what did the universe say? “Uh *burp*, tasty”? Or yikes!! Papa Peter was full of ghost…

Happy Halloween All-Halloweds Eve to Papa Francais, Keeper of Chains for The Life… And messenger for everlasting peacefilled life unto God’s delight.


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