Tao Scheol: Roundabout Path Thru Hell and roundabout sideways WRITING as usual…

20161024_221940_film3 That’s some guy ^^^^ who butts heads with Tri Met busses for his whiff… For his wife’s safety

Then says it was his fault- which IT IS… they drove on his heels

His olde MMA reflex is a CHECK

No “head”  he

body-bounced a bus and has a fissured vertebrae… so at least a nod?


Yes!- you know you wish you were me and can live thru my choices, because bus/ pedestrian safety should ought not

Ah nice

Should ought not be an issue

No ding in the bus side

I do not think

And if so, well- its like lipstick only sweat is bettah than > pit stick. Blessings ring in memory in my viscera..

Tis a fleisch wing

Tis only a *click* in my snakey spine stick, sire or miss…

Miss?? ?

A kiss!

Kiss to thine heart O Pedestria Amerikanus!!

For I, Sire’s Knight will arrive much PEACHIER on my rounds…

Hiya!! (Horse) 🐎

My bod is a bear horse


Mariah Carrey is a FAIR horse… Ooo… !!

And Dave Letterman is a Xmas Clydesdale


And ON that HORSE is a curly WHIG!!

And on that Whig fairy by Dave’s ear are living-grace fireflies that guide Letterman in the night…

Mike Thaler’s


I know Mike, Dave… He says YOU stole from him

Boo!!! !!!


No he did not.. I lyed…


Lye is base

Lying is too base

I must BE HONEST!!

Repenteth before mein Gott and see sprechens in my Deutchkopffergnugen. Meister.

Meister Haysoos?? ?

In Mexico… Bless us, the West n East Coast

Just tonight


Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz

* cough * GAG! #ack #billthecat #hashish #rush #2112 #willywonka #pokemon #pulsars #quantumbuttscratch #dingo #hyena #wthishashtaggingdo #wth #wtf #him #her #babyaccident #wipebabyass #cry #lollikealollylollapaloozahnerfchuckerofballs #nono #ouioui #wahwah #ohcmonandyendit #okay #but #heystop



aterboardingwhat?? ?








dingaaaaaagg!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!

!!!! !!!! !!!!

!!!! !!!! !!!!

Boing! Pop!! Over, done…

Overdone? Who knows! I was almost drowned in 2010- and I safety tested waterboarding as a U.S. Citizen and advocate that- it is survivable! And benes outweigh the pain- I shoulda been so LUCKY TO BE MONITORED YET I WAS NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

I feel strongly that being a realizer is better than theoretical realism- I pray now for WB agents for THEIR minds. I caught a glimpse into the furnace of GOD?

Let us just say “The Reality” is king of the universe and not I- I almost

D-Y-E-D myself in the wool permanantly pressed by whapping waves that demand RESPECT…

I feel at one with The One, Jesu Rex the Nazarene when I say: Support Your Nation

Why not? Yeah.. Its your need too we have security features abroad for HERE… DID you know that? Be thankful more than vigilant and you will not need a gun- you can take martial arts and plan how the West is rewon every day…

Through realizing this.

And doing well.

Overly simple? Not me. I am a complex corn husking Kodiak- no POLAR BEAR who is icy and MAYBE nice if yo feed me an Is-… An ISI… NO… AN


Ah. Cools my smokey little bear mouth.

Im only 2.5 years old

Rarrrr!!!! *ack!!” oh the CAT!!! !!!


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