Red Dingo Hyena Mix 02

All the Night

Is white with void stars chocolate chips

Destiny bliss built on halloween face

Uber place

Cannot describe it here

I feel love and feared and want air

God breathe

God breathe on me and spit into mud

This flesh is dud

I am the Irish Loki

No hokey jokey toking and Glasgow pow

Born in 1974 A. D. to dispense peace

Using the wicked sword in my face?

Avoiding a sword of steel- okay

I find no thrill

Except children like me more than Santa

And less than Fanta Orange

Finish orange on intruders of they? Nay

Finish blue grey millstone head popper

Not BBQ meat show stopper

Oh God, I see a bad world


What is

What is new, Pedro?

Jesús, Yo te amo, Rey

Bring The Day outta Night tonight?


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