Prince “Haru”

I married royally in secret

Is that a mistake?

People who oppose my princess bride are a fake shake of slate made of styro

Her familia, the priest, the adoption, the cover up..

My good luck of gold fielding WITH her, I am nada without her

Rogue MMA self-taught, meditative..

You know, I have to accept if she goes out she could be hit by a car like the other Wednesday

A city car hitting hidden royalty?? ?

Like I said- I talked to the priest, the marriage was bless before it begun

I met her baptizing priest before she and I dated/ courted

I liked him

He snubbed me

What in the world?? ?

We are new Arabic World drifters BORN in the USA

Deal with it

Profile in vain

I say it plainly

We we

Oui Oui

We rock the Night Daylight by King Viscera 12-note scale rhythm and blues

She likes country. O lord no


I like Radiohead, Bjork, and UK Agnes Dei choral corraling of all souls to safety who WANT it

Jesu? Joshua?

Save me again and again



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