I Feel The Tundra

20161024_221940_film3 Tundra under my toes knows no size mick (_?_) limits… Earth Last!

Earth Last, next, next in line after the children of no-no

Take caring of my bod comes first, Earth only wants to K me with her gravity… Year after year

Look at my FACE…

Do I look JOYOUS??

Deep and wide

Intel inside my brain says do not PRODUCE acid rain inside mein selfie with Vodka, Twinkie overload, side of cow frick a see Ed!

Ed. Ed Labowski… rise O Dudist knight. I’m in the web grid. Rise and be recognized TODAY all LEBOWSKIS who pay homage to dudism… The West is won again by chivalry and some white russians… Some public display of accidental bomb bast… To decry the foreign Blasts I still see…

My Facebook friend lived in Pakistan. He did not eat it. His friends did. Photo proof?

Haeishakeel Afridi (Facebook)- I do believe it makes me sad, still as I accidently won a marriage to Tribe Afridi by invitation as a Christ preacher online…

That ain’t cheap… That is ALSO for my USA to care and STOP messaging the nepher RN of Dr. Afridi in PRIzon PRIzon still. An American citizen.

I want him here.

The RN or Shakil Doktor mit skill…

I want my boys home, says A


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