Hit It, Hit it! Hit Hit.. Ah?? ?

Sideways slam

Into a bus

Mega Man and Iron Man are FAKE and lose my trust

I must put a BANG

Right before my BUCK

I will lock and load my thoughts and still I give a..


Huck Finn as a Seraphim

Tom as a Wheel in a Wheel

In my body

In my body

In the body

In our Agnes body of Dei

Abolish decay

To the place it will go

Proceeding therein to a world without “withouts”- the All Provision in E..

Above E = MC2

Below, supporting

Power of The Reality courting

And my




and I refuse to be drowned-

A luxury.

Look not on me.

Look to the “The”..

Das Los Las El Al La Le

Yah lahbloo morozhnah schokolade

I really do

No lol

Just my love out loud and the

Ragged holster skin bag “Andy”

“Oh he is sweet!” ?? ?

Uh- not really

I’m a pri-


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