Full Auto Tack Nuke Gun

Standing in the Sea

Lady Liberty

Is alive, robe up to her thighs

She pulls out a tacticle nuke gun zip

She made it under her skirt HIP

She implanted a whip to catch TRIP and shoots automatic nuke into the sky

For the 3rd 4th 5th of July non stop peace nuke boom

Accidently shoots into the eye of the moon and light stays ON

The moon is not gone

Maybe wackos wonder what if we blew it up? Well CRAP!

It would turn us into a Saturn- didn’t THEY do that TOO??!!

Nuke tack guhn stew borscht fling force

Ya gotta love a physicist to make fun

With God creation rules play

I want to rename “Tsar Bomba” the “Happy Day” that killed none

As for a gun, full auto tack nuke chugga

Zhut!! Zhut!! ZHUT!!! ZHUT!!! ZHUT!!!

Shooting and igniting a rainbow of mushrooms to glorify God fear and the color ORANGE

KISS KISS KISS KISS fire fire Fire FIRE FIRE!! Fire!!!! Hutt hutt BAMM BAMM BAMM

Someone needs more sex or better music

Me? No.


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