For The Record, I Believe JFK Was A Better Man Than I Will Ever Be

I had a post named JFK ASSHOLE

Why call it that?

To get past a death that happened before I was born, bring attention to facts, dismiss unhealthy suspicions and show that even a pres can be a real ANYTHING

ANYTHING he or she feels they need to be



I voted for an INTELLIGENT canidate and myself as vice pres

Because I want to go to DC?


But Brennan would need a running mate if he did not know he was running

You got MY vote- and you are already in a hot office

Way to WIN, J.

You already protect the whole nation

“Uncle Sam” is non existing

John O.- I don’t know him, he does not read my blog!! C’mon.. Does he?? ? NO

So why vote for pres like that?


I win

I already win

Japan has a token emperor? Or its sacred?

Presidency is sacred enough

So I wanted to clarify that I do not think low of JFK- or his brothers

Desparation in the nation is a god pulse type of thing

As if there is a dying king nearby

I feel this about neighbors

Dying king in each person

In me..  IN.. a life-past-death king

Of He I sing and nation in tandem

Whoever takes the cake of election.. Sir, Ma’am, Elmo or Mickey Mouse.. You have my allegiance and gold pixie dust from incense prayer to bless you

Girl you know its true

Oo oo oo.. I love you

Or Trump

WeThePeople WTP matter

Our leaders make us thinner or fatter


And on and on and on

– Anonymous Joe USA tribal woodchucker Bear from No-no, Oregon


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