Fibromyalgia? 50 mg Delsym… Xmas Cancelled! Or Is It? Two stories. Schizorefractive Writ.

imageI got used by the internet to learn that there was an English study that trialed Delsym to treat nerve pain, but I bet it won’t work. To suggest it, I would have to know, would I not?

I would have to know that 50mg is safe. Actually- that is one dose size for cough… wait a minute…

Are there any DXMers out there? Does Delsym sooth nerves at 50mg? I do not dose that wild glarg slop syrup. Not without benedryll. To curb stuff.

Hey, uh- no offense but Delsym has a marvel in it. A codeine-synthesis that outdoes its job description for “cough suppress”.

I WOULD NOT EXCEED 50mg without talking IRL with a trusted professional. A lot of people suffer- quick fixes lead to trouble- opiods are… better. If you take Delsym wrongfully, you may have problems.

Fibromyalgia is better than the problems I face now, but regret is worse STILL- not to admit wrong but “become somebody else” and say I am sorry about my choices in life to appease bullies.

People with fibromyalgia:

Avoid bullies. That affects your immune system.

That is all I have. Some cures are worse than the problem they are made for- but not for EVERY body… and I know BLOGGING helps my bodily pain, but not so sure I should write ever again each time I post. I do not enjoy writing. People read what I write- what if I am bad?

If I am bad, look up on Google: “Shinto log ride Japan”- THAT is bad. Bad as. Bad as can be, its psycho and how very interesting like 4000 bacons running down a hill into water in 30ish AD…

Master calls me like “Grasshopper” only sounds like “Grizzly Daddy Bear”. What a CALLING. Master sends sound wave at me. Maybe to dream on. Maybe to love on folks play doh tonicly and cuss a little and be rough around my diamond so you cannot see it…


(Andy Gaga for Lady Gaga voz, ja, big. Lady Gaga, call me at 503 9xx xxxx… you have only 100,000 choices for my real cell. Am I a father monster? A Loki to her Hel? Yup. And I DO not want fame- I want fulfilment.)

* sigh *

Daddy Monster kisses blisses for Samhain to Agnus Festivus… Commercial Xmas is cancelled, Santa’s brother Bluto is in CHARGE- no gifts.

Just Agnus Festivus from To-Day the 24th of October to January SOMEthing, goodness does Xmas suck worldwide with the bills? Or what?




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