Unfair Advantage

I’m not really a blogger.

I’m Ben Franklin’s

great great

great great great

great great

grandson FOR SURE.

My step-grandfather was “Benjamin FRANKLIN Moss”, b. 1904, d. 1993

Interned at the Beaverton-Hillsdale mausoleum mosque temple with no titty tops.

Hahahah.. I’m a JUNIOR philandering femiphile priest of Shim-Shon LDS purity.

Purity, I say.

I just drew a picture of the devil and another one of me with a gun. What IS this?

Ben F, signer of the declaration tells me ITS TIME TO ring some bells, not shoot someone like video fcukin’ games and titty Holly movies would HAVE OUR CHILDREN LOVE!! Bring back THE SAMURAI BUSHIDO CODE, says


playing with his WAKASASHI

And Ben Frank Frankie Frank Frankerton Spanker- not of SELF, oh no-no-no-no-no-NOo

But of his ELF- “Tinker Bell”- Alexander Graham Bell’s slutty sister in hellllllllll-


That is too much…

Well they say SOME SHIT like that- pink shit like outta of a Dr. Suess friggin’ BOOKIE book

For perverted adults.


“Dirty naughty spanky monkey loosey goose wah-wah weiner-whapper-on-a-bbq-griller- boobah FETT stewer, doer of malevolent bliss NUKE shit SKY pie CHERRY POP!! OWWWW!!!

Sorry. This computer terminal is ORGASTRUCTIVE and conflictatorially shitty to ride out. I’m not typing half this crap… BUT MY BODY IS!!!

Free in Christ- to start out as a shit head and become an ARCHER!! Kill! Kill! Kill! K! K! K! K! K! K! K! Kindly!!!! Kindness. n-

No!! I don’t want to be nice. NO! NO! Gabriel do not WATERBOARD me again!!







CHERRY pop! Ag!!!

(Gone forever?)


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