Gott Ist Next To A Horrorist

The horrorist is under his feet.

As for ME, try to compete with a clean cut of HORRORIST writing, based on my life experiences and things I have read



in Earth computer, but not safe for people under the age of “80”.

NC-80 rated shit here might make a 50-year old sick…

And kids are not literate enough to get it, so “woo-hoo”…


It was a dark hollow point. Earth in

the first verse. Before the stars glowed.

Before the burst of the First Blow of

anythingedness winds over the maroon,

grey, lime, obsidian, fire-yellow roaring

song… it was sheer horror of horrors-

WHAT we all are really made of…


Year- 1976. Place- Portland, Oregon near the

Olson farm well, Dr. Kuensthas had three girls

and an angry wife. But one day, her anger was

exchanged for sorrows as it turns out her girls’

father was a cook. She found out, and NEVER SAID.

Of people. He would cook people. He would find the

1970’s sex traffickers going to Hong Kong from Port West,

nab them, bring them

to Sauvie Island for a BBQ. He would cook them,

but not kill them.


Dr. K was okay in the head, but a mean-ass son of a bitch, and he whistled. He was strong like a bear boner. And he’d cook people’s eyes after binding their bodies. He’d aim the torch at their screaming kiddie-porning faces and cook the eye until they passed out from pain. Then he’d wait.

Doo dee deeeeee doo dee dooooo

And he’d pick another tasty part. He ate them. Because Dr. K had FIVE daughters- two were taken AWAY

He has no fucking EM PATH AYYY

Nor do I, the author, for Portland area or Northwest human trafickers- they can go to hell and die for not leaving… Are they HERE?? Of course not. Dr. K ate the last one 2 years ago. I saw the YouTube “Krusky E9-009”- erased immediately due to realism but mostly for what the doctor had to say about Swan Island bones. Swan Island bones.

This is fiction. Do not use a blowtorch to cannibalize your friends. Go and have your safe 18+ sex or drink orange juice, but leave KIDS ALONE. I have metaphysical traps set up in the 972 zip code zone, but 10,000x more powerful is the Bujinkan Ninjutsu school- if you fear for safety, MAKE safety- earn a black belt and be a free security assett to your neighborhood and I am with you and Light is on your side, more importantly.

I love Halloween and Jason more than “The Ring”, which is about children and death grudges and ghosts. I am a ghost. In a poor man’s MMA trained body. The pen is mightier than the sword? So what is the WORD on blogs……..?? ?

Power to the word!


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