Is It Just Me, Or

Does every picture of L. Ron. Hubbard look like ME?

A little horny all THE TIME I THINK THAT CAN BE difficult to live with, I don’t KNOW because

I am

VERY VERY HORNY only MOST the time and I want to start a visible Western Shinto “temple building” based on new lore

Like Lady Assah of Etheria who immolates herself in ice as her lover ignites in blue blazes from HAND sanitizer (OW!!) and somehow they melt together in quantum spaces until they never existed at all

Or how about stones are already set up in cities in the NW USA? Breach of CHURCH and STATE!!! Blow the whistle- no. No church. Church is a jail, this is freeing for some

Western Shinto (Japan Only) is here in Milwaukie, 97222



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