Man Kiss Woman As Boy Kiss Girl

imageNo. Not on film. Real. My First Love is TRISHA SIZEMORE. Looked like her. Now probably so much more.


I still love her without touch or cuddles.

I was 13. She was in 6th grade. Meow. Nothing big or bad. Nothing boring either.

She had a bod, my god.

I was silly and cute! She laughed.

Summer started. End scene forever.


I need it.

I need that “her”.

I see the softness in a woman named “Mary”.

I hunger.

I gave her a gift.

It was homemade.

You could say we work near eachother.

I see her at her work.

She is busy.

She is married or no? That matters. I’m no silo-wrecker.

Ooooo. Her walking gate, motherly warmth to children. Aaah ahh ahhh- oops.

I want to slowwwwwwly shiatsu her body over her clothing in the-


Mm hm!

I want. I want. I want. Oh!!!

I’m… finished early. Dammit.


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