W I P E m e

If an American President murders, he gets executed. By law. Who? Pentagon.

JFK sent Langley’s best. Angels tell me WRITE WRITE WRITTTTTTE!!!! Excite bike.

Ted. Your brother sent the highest trained men to certain death with shit intel. He is gone. TWO shooters. Ted. You lost a woman on boat. Drowning death is waterboarding. And at that- shut up father.

Your book reveals the motive.  True Compass shows a fart to John Fitzgerald Kennedy that now is smellfree. With this:

Langley prayed he die!!! A wacko did it. Prayer justice lives!!!

That day covered the death of faith waivering CS FUCKIN LEWIS.



YE DESERVE NO MORE OF ME, I IMMOLATE TONIGHT BY BACKPACK ALC KIT blue flame. Dressed black shorts. Peach skin. Weave navy no collar.

Reason: Traffickers delight DIES WITH MY BOD.


PAIN? Already in pain.Accelerant: sanitizer and gasoline


Nowhere.fuck you


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